Membership shall be limited to the following:

  1. Individuals who have successfully completed the prescribed course of instruction for the Institute leading to the profession designation LCCAA and who are actively engaged in law enforcement; or:
  2. Individuals who have successfully completed the prescribed course of instruction for the Institute leading to the profession designation LCCAA and who are officially retired from law enforcement duties; or:
  3. Individuals who have successfully completed the prescribed course of instruction for the Institute leading to the profession designation LCCAA and who have left the law enforcement profession in good standing but wish to continue their affiliation with the Association and support the profession of law enforcement.
  4. Honorary members. Honorary members may not hold any executive position
  5. Past Presidents of the LCCAA who completed their term in good standing.
  6. Those individuals who pay the prescribed dues.
  7. Lifetime Members



First, to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Texas.

Second, to assist in the educational and professional development of all persons interested in laws enforcement, generally, and law enforcement management, specifically.

Third, to conduct oneself in a manner that honors the dedication, dignity, and ethical foundation of those who have pledged themselves to this honored profession.


Membership Application

Lifetime Members

If your information has changed please contact us with your updated information.

Adams, Jimmy W. Chief of Police Borger Police Dept.
Alford, David W, Asst. Chief Baytown Police Dept.
Amador, LeeRoy Chief of Police Galveston Police Dept.
Anderson, Charles Chief of Police Brookside Village Police Dept.
Ashburn, David L. Chief of Police Angleton Police Dept.
Bailey, Jason Sergeant UT SW Med Ctr
Bailey, Sammy Chief of Police Lampasas Police Dept.
Bane, Marc Asst. Chief Schertz Police Dept.
Barnard, Dale A. Lieutenant Dallas Police Dept.
Barrio, Tony Sergeant Lampasas Police Dept.
Bassett, Thomas P. Chief of Police Haskell Police Dept.
Baxter, John Captain of Police San Jacinto College Dist. Police
Berezin, Michael A. Chief Missouri City Police Dept.
Best, John Captain Marshall Police Dept.
Bevering, John Chief of Police White Settlement Police Dept.
Birdow, Josette Edwards Captain Galveston County Sherriff's Office
Blevins, David Sergeant New Braunfels Police Dept.
Boden, David Lieutenant White Settlement Police Dept.
Bond, Keith Det. Sergeant Lacy Lakeview
Borkowicz, Glen D. Lieutenant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Boswell, Charlie Lieutenant Lampasas Police Dept.
Bowers, Hollis D. Chief Deputy Corpus Christi Police Dept.
Bratton, Chris Chief Elgin Police Dept.
Bratton, Terry Sergeant Houston Police Dept.
Braun, Walter Chief of Police Santa Fe ISD
Brenek, Troy Chief of Police Schulenbuerg Police Dept.
Brent, Don Chief of Police Lower Colorado River Authority
Brockman, John Captain, Ret. Plano Police Dept.
Brown, Paul E. Commander Conroe ISD Police
Bruce, John W. Asst. Chief Frisco Police Dept.
Bryant, Chris    
Bullard, Owen Sergeant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Bustos, Cathy Lieutenant Cedar Park Police Dept.
Cain, Carl A Jr. Chief of Police Hillsboro Police Dept.
Candelaria, Richard Chief of Police Knox City Police Dept.
Canterbury, Joe Sergeant DeLeon Police Dept.
Capps, Larry Lieutenant Missouri City Police Dept.
Carisle, A. Bryan Lieutenant Shenandoah Police Dept.
Carmack, Leonard Chief of Police Euless Police Dept.
Carroll, Rod Chief of Police Vidor Police Dept.
Carter, Dennis Sergeant Houston Police Dept.
Casas, Manny Lieutenant Schertz Police Dept.
Castro, Jaime Lieutenant Galveston County Sheriff's Dept.
Caufield, Lee Captain Killeen Police Dept.
Clements, Bryan Chief of Police Galena Park ISD Police Dept.
Clifton, Jim Senior Special Agent TCLEOSE
Coleman, Richard Captain Wharton Police Dept.
Compton, Jerry D. Deputy Chief Midland Police Dept.
Cook, William Lieutenant Tarrant County College Police Dept.
Coons, Jay O. Captain Harris County Sheriff's Dept.
Corb, Bryan Chief of Police Richwood Police Dept.
Corbett, John A. Lieutenant Elgin Police Dept.
Cotton III, Arthur J. Chief of Police Murphy Police Dept.
Correu, John C. Lieutenant Schertz Police Dept.
Cottle, Temple Captain Argyle Police Dept.
Cotton, Jeffrey Lieutenant Bellaire Police Dept.
Craven, Norman Lieutenant Lakeside Police Dept.
Cremer, Lee Lieutenant Denton Police Dept.
Crook, Clare E. Asst. Chief Waco Police Dept.
Cummings, David Lieutenant Lacy Lakeview Police Dept.
Cummings, Jody Lieutenant Lampasas Police Dept.
Davis, Katherine Asst. Chief Angleton Police Dept.
Dawes, Delbert Chief of Police Humble Police Dept.
Decker, Christopher Captain Granite Shoals Police Dept.
Denison, Tim Sergeant White Settlement Police Dept.
Denny, Kevin Chief of Police Jarrell Police Dept.
Denton, Stuart Asst. Chief Sugar Land Police Dept.
Dicky, Wayne Sheriff Brazos County Sheriff's Dept.
Ellis, David Captain North East ISD Police Dept.
Edwards, William Lieutenant Pflugerville Police Dept.
Fleming, Micheal Lieutenant Grand Prairie Police Dept.
Fletcher, B. Allen Retired Houston Police Dept.
Fontenot, James Detective Fort Bend County Sheriff's Dept.
Fox, Loretta Lieutenant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Free, Robert Court Security Officer Webster Police Dept.
Freeman, Arnold Commander 106th Judicial DA
Frey, Betty Lieutenant Galveston County Sheriff's Dept.
Garcia, Domingo Chief of Police Angleton ISD PD
Garcia, Michael Retired San Antonio Police Dept.
Gee, Charles Sergeant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Gerald, Glen M. Jr. Sergeant Galveston County Sheriff's Dept.
Gerick, Jerry Lieutenant Lacy Lakeview Police Dept.
Gilley, Rick Sergeant Midland Police Dept.
Given, Scott Lieutenant Tulia Police Dept.
Godfrey, Michael Chief of Police Rowlett Police Dept.
Goss, Chris Sergeant Baytown Police Dept.
Gray, Jane Deputy McCulloch County Sheriff's Office
Gregory, Kevin Captain White Settlement Police Dept.
Hansen, Michael Chief of Police Schertz Police Dept.
Harmon, Mike Captain Cedar Park Police Dept.
Harrill, Roxanne Lieutenant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Harris, Lori A. Retired Windcrest Police Dept.
Harris, Michael Lieutenant Schertz Police Dept.
Harrison, Troy Chief of Police Shoreacres Police Department
Hassell, Philip Captain Rice University Police Dept.
Hatch, Denise L. Chief of Police Austin Airport Police Dept.
Hatton, Marc Sergeant Seabrook Police Dept.
Hayes, Jeff Captain Cedar Park Police Dept.
Hegemeyer, B.J. Chief of Police Caldwell ISD
Helfers, Rick Captain Richardson Police Dept.
Henderson, Rand Lieutenant Montgomery County SO
Herrera, Manuel Chief of Police Del Rio Police Dept.
Hickman, Ron Constable Harris County Constable Pct 4
Hill, Ron Sergeant Galveston County SO
Hines, Kelsey Ray Sergeant Dall Police Dept.
Holder, James R Sheriff Comal Co. Sheriff's Office
Holguin, Michael Asst. Chief UT Brownsville Police Dept.
Holomon, Nona Chief of Police Seabrook Police Dept.
Honings, Bruce W Kimball Lieutenant League City Police Dept.
Hromadka, Paul Chief of Police Lake Jackson Police Dept.
Hubler, Karl J. Lieutenant Grand Prairie Police Dept.
Huff, Keith Officer Houston Police Dept.
Hurley, Brent Deputy Chief Balch Springs Police Dept.
Ingram, J.P.   Bryan Police Dept.
Isaacks, Darrell Chief Deputy Galveston County Sheriff'sOffice
Jackson, M. P. Lieutenant Pasadena Police Dept.
Jackson, William III.   Harris County Hospital District
Jansen, Stephen J. Asst. Chief Garland Police Dept.
Jinks, Robert E. Captain Katy I.S.D. Police Dept.
Johnson, Charlie Lieutenant Potter County SO
Johnson, Doug Lieutenant Conroe Police Dept.
Johnson, G. Houston Lieutenant Harker Heights Police Dept.
Johnson, Richard C. Lieutenant Round Rock Police Dept.
Johnson, Sid Captain North Richland Hills Police Dept.
Kallies, Kelly Lieutenant Schertz Police Dept.
Keele, Tracy Chief of Police Clear Lake Shores Police Dept.
Keeney, Wade Lieutenant Deer Park Police Dept.
King, Matthew Chief Deputy Bandera County Sheriff's Office
Kitchen, Richard Retired N. Richland Hills Police Dept.
Kohler, James Chief of Police Boerne Police Dept.
Koog, Renee Commander Georgetown Police Dept.
Kraft, Benard E. Jr. Chief Seminole Police Dept.
Kreidler, Charles City Manager City of Aubrey
Land, B. J. Sergeant Midland Police Dept.
Langham, James Ops. Lieutenant Red Oak Police Dept.
LaRue, Ron Sergeant Frisco Police Dept.
Leal, Michael Lieutenant Bellaire Police Dept.
Leible, Ray Lieutenant Midland Police Dept.
Leonard, Neal Deputy/Bailiff Blanco County Sheriff’s Office
Leonard, Stephanie    
Lewis, Darlene   Cedar Park Police Dept.
Lewis, Tammy Training Coordinator City of Austin - Code Dept.
Littlefield, Lloyd Lieutenant Longview Police Dept.
Livingston, Bill Chief of Police Weimar Police Dept.
Lovestock, Buddy    
Mannix, Sean Asst. Chief Austin Police Dept.
Matthews, Craig T. Sergeant Midland Police Dept.
McCaleb, JB Chief Longview Police Dept
McElligott, Frank Chief Hutchins Police Dept.
McFarlin, Kirk Chief of Police  
McHone, Gary R. Asst. Chief of Police Prosper Police Dept.
McNeill, Steven Captain Ector County SO
Meyer, Ralph C. Director of Police TSU-San Marcos Police Dept.
Milbourn, Curtis W. Lieutenant San Angelo Police Dept.
Miller, Don CID Lieutenant Stephenville Police Dept.
Miller, Dwayne Lieutenant McAllen Police Dept.
Mince, Penny L. Lieutenant Frisco Police Dept.
Mitchell, Ralph W. Captain El Paso County Sheriff's Dept.
Mitchell, Wendell Lieutenant Flower Mound Police Dept.
Moran, Gerald Lieutenant Abilene Police Dept.
Morris, Joe Lieutenant Randall County
Morris, Kevin Captain Sam Houston State Univ. Police Dept.
Murphy, Robert Captain N.Richland Hills Police Dept.
Myers, Ken Deputy Chief Collin County
Nichols, Kevin Asst. Chief of Police Pearland Police Dept.
Nicoletti, Michael Investigator Everman Police Dept.
Norris, Dan Lieutenant Montgomery County SO
Odle, Michael Captain White Settlement
Pavelka, Lance Chief Buffalo Police Dept.
Perez, Ross    
Perkins, David Chief of Police George West Police Dept.
Perry, Kenneth R. Sergeant Fort Bend I.S.D. Police Dept.
Pitner, Trevlyn Acct. Manager Motorola
Place, David T. Chief of Police Parker County Sherrif's Dept.
Ponder, Kenneth Captain, Retired Galena Park Police Dept.
Porretto, Henry S. Lieutenant Galveston Police Dept.
Pribble, Mike Deputy Harris County Constables Office, Pct. 1
Pruitt, David Captain Frisco Police Dept.
Pruitt, John W. Jr. Lieutenant Galveston County Sherrif's Dept.
Pruitt, Rickard, Sr. Chief Alamo Heights Police Dept.
Raeburn, Brandt K. Sergeant Galveston County Sheriff's Dept.
Randall, Chad Asst. Chief of Police Pearland Police Dept.
Ransom, David Lieutenant El Paso Police Dept.
Redic, Paul Chief Athens ISD Police Dept.
Reed, Randy Chief Azle Police Dept.
Renshaw, Todd Chief of Police Frisco Police Dept.
Reynolds, Mark Warrant Officer Comal Co. Sheriff's Office
Rider, David Chief Fort Bend ISD Police Dept.
Riggs, Richard Captain Garland Police Dept.
Rivera, Victor Retired Midland Police Dept.
Robinson, Linda Bell   Houston Police Dept.
Rohde, Derek Asst. Chief Mesquite Police Dept.
Rosier, Gerry Constable Leon Co. Pct. 1
Ruckel, Chuck Judge Collin County Justice Court
Rush III, Robert Lieutenant Killeen Police Dept.
Rush, Quenton   Angleton Police Dept.
Rutherford, Michael Captain New Braunfels Police Dept.
Ryan, Timmy L. Sergeant Lampasas Police Dept.
Sala, Bill Chief Luling Police Dept.
SanMiguel, Fructouso Asst. Chief Laredo Police Dept.
Savage, Thomas L. Chief Lakeview Police Dept.
Schmidt, J. J. Chief Austin Public Safety
Schroeder, Marc Lieutenant Red Oak Police Dept.
Scroggins, Mitchell Lieutenant Boerne Police Dept.
Shandera, Steven Retired Memorial Village Police Dept.
Sidebottom, Bryan Lieutenant Lake Jackson Police Dept.
Siemens, John Chief of Police Castle Hills Police Dept.
Skelton, Jackie Chief of Police La Grange Police Dept.
Smit, Catherine Captain Cockrell Hill Police Dept.
Smith, Garry Lieutenant ACTISD Police Dept.
Snellgrove, Michael R. Chief of Police University of Alabama Police Dept.
Spears, Gary Sergeant Rice University Police Dept.
Spires, Johnny Chief of Police Pearland Police Dept.
Stapleton, Dennis Director Police Academy McLeannan Community College
Starnes, Charles Lieutenant Greenville Police Dept.
Stone, Kelley E. Director Homeland Security
Sturrock, Earl Captain Deer Park Police Dept.
Supak, Rudy Chief of Police Junction Police Dept.
Sylvester, Kimberly Captain Allen Police Dept.
Taylor, Purnell Sergeant Ft. Bend ISD
Thompson, Nathaniel D. Sergeant Detective Lancaster Police Dept.
Trejo, Adan Jr. Deputy Constable Harris County Constables Office, Pct. 1
Trochesset, Henry Major Galveston County Sherrif's Dept.
Urby, John Chief of Police Midland Police Dept.
Valdez, Lupe Sergeant Angleton Police Dept.
Valencia, Isaac Lieutenant Corpus Christi Police Dept.
Van Stavern, Kathleen Marshall League City Police Dept.
Vance, Mike Captain Pearland Police Dept.
Walter, Nelson Lieutenant Frisco Police Dept.
Walton, Russell Sergeant Ft. Bend ISD
Warman, Gary Chief Humble Police Dept.
Warren, Todd Chief of Police Texarkana ISD Police Dept.
Waters, Emery G. Constable Constable Pct. 2 Lubbock Co.
Watkins, Rita Executive Director LEMIT
Weatherly, Colin Chief of Police Splendora ISD Police Dept.
Weishuhn, Kathy Sergeant Fayette Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Westphal, Gary Chief of Police Mesquite Police Dept.
Wilkins, Steve Sergeant Lacy Lakeview Police Dept.
Williams, Dwayne Captain Missouri City Police Dept.
Williams, Joe Captain Frisco Police Dept.
Williams, Paul R. Director LRGVDC Regional Police Academy
Williams, Richard Captain Houston Police Dept.
Wright, Anita   Houston Police Dept.
Wrobliske, Jay   Humble Police Dept.
Yettevich, John Lieutenant Deer Park Police Dept.
Ybarra, Ornaldo Captain Pearland Police Dept.
Young, Charles Sergeant Metro Police Dept.
Yount, Roger Lieutenant WHite Settlement Police Dept.